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“It will last only 2 weeks..”- Spanish journalist trolls Barcelona on regaining top spot in La Liga

Spanish journalist Tomas Roncero hits at Barcelona for their top league position after a very long wait.

Tomas Roncero hits at Barcelona

The Spanish journalist Tomas Roncero hits at the Spanish giants Barcelona for their top position in the La Liga table after a very long wait. The journalist mentioned in his troll at the Blaugranas, and said, “You finally know what it’s like to be on top after 836 days”, claiming to the SHOCKING more than 2 years of wait for the club.


The Journalist took it further, claiming support his personal favorites Real Madrid and said, “It will only last 2 weeks, anyway.” Acknowledging the fact that the Blaugranas are only on the top for a few days, until the Real Madrid turn their feat down, and bring them to their previous position and claim at the helm.

It is clear that the Spanish journalist is in clear support of the Los Blancos’, and hears no nonsense against them, recently when the whites were bashed about getting down to the second position, the journalist took and turned it into a troll for the Catalan club, a nightmare for the Los Blancos to be second to anyone.


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Real Madrid’s dominance in La Liga over Barcelona

Real Madrid celebrates La Liga win.

It is no news to anyone if it’s mentioned anywhere that Real Madrid is arguably the greatest football club, that has ever been in the sport. Having a total of 35 La Liga titles to The Blaugranas’ 26 creates a huge difference between the clubs and brings the Los Blancos to the of the race when it comes to clubs.

However, in the last 21 years or so, which means after the 2000s, the Culers have been the most successful club in La Liga trophies, filling their cabinets with 10 to The Los Blancos’ 8. But, the recent does not carry the capacity to erase history from one’s memory, and hence, the history marks the Los Blancos’ era in La Liga.

The number of championships the Los Blancos have is huge, and a rock figure can never be dethroned by an amateur team of newbies where not everyone knows how to play, it can be the example of any team, except the Culers. It can be said that the Whites were the league dominators and would claim victory yet again.

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