Leicester City rejects a third bid from Chelsea for this star defender: Reports

Leicester City has denied the third bid from Chelsea for Wesley Fofana.

wesley fofana

Leicester City has denied Chelsea for the third time concerning their young defender Wesley Fofana. Leicester is adamant about not letting their young defender leave that easy, considering according to many reports, Chelsea’s latest bid was €60m, and denying that, showed the determination of Leicester to retain their player.


Wesley Fofana joined a partnership with Leicester City in 2020 on a five-year contract. Since then, the player was also named “young player of the season” for their first season, but unfortunately, Wesley broke his leg in a friendly against Villarreal, making him appear in only 12 matches after that.

Leicester’s decision to retain Wesley can be no harm to the team but not necessarily to the young boy, as everyone at this age wants a dream move, and moving to Chelsea would have been that for Wesley Fofana. The player has faced some issues regarding his focus in the club.


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Leicester City’s subsequent decision for Wesley Fofana

After Chelsea looked keen on signing the defender from Leicester after their 3-0 loss to Leeds United, Leicester on the other hand wants their players to play for them, and considering the time which is passing quickly, Leicester believes a correct amount for the dreams of the young defender must be provided.

Leicester has faced backlash for their move to reject Chelsea’s bid, as people find that Leicester is killing the boy’s dream move, Leicester has straightforwardly accepted that. Retaining their young player without a fitting sum exchanged would be difficult to trade.

Whether to keep him or to sell him, once the interest in the player has gone and once the faith of the player is discarded from a club, it initiates a door crack that may never be filled. The young defender’s future is yet to be decided and keeping him from playing in Chelsea would result in curbing it.

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