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“We need new ownership”- Michael Knighton slams Glazers for Manchester United’s poor show after officially declaring his intentions of buying the club

Glazers Out

Michael Knighton, a former member of the Manchester United board, has stated that he is putting together a bid to purchase the team.

On Sunday, supporters demonstrated against the club’s current owners, the Glazer family, before United’s 2-1 loss to Brighton in the Premier League. United supporters have been vocal about their displeasure with the Glazers for some time; one group, 1958, called them “unfit and unsuitable proprietors.” Former United director Knighton recently admitted that he wants to acquire the team in an interview with the YouTube channel Man Utd The Religion.

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Manchester United board member to buy the club soon?

"We need new ownership"- Michael Knighton slams Glazers for Manchester United's poor show after officially declaring his intentions of buying the club 2

When asked whether the Glazers would face protest, Knighton responded, “Of course, they will protest, and quite rightly. It’s the only way that they can vent their frustration and disappointment, and [they will] hope that the current ownership sits up and finally listen, and ultimately decide to sell their shareholding.”

The 70-year-old then discussed his candidacy. He said: “Everyone knows that we need new ownership of this football club and that is my aim and those are my objectives. I am making good progress, continuing to talk to the people, I have got some good pledges and good finance.

“We are now working on the offer document. Remember, it is a hostile bid – that simply means that the club isn’t officially for sale. But my intention is to present these owners with a legitimate, potent and commercial offer to say: ‘You have run out of the road, it’s time to go because your time is up.”

He added: “My consortium will be placing their bid very shortly. That, I guarantee.”

The Glazers have been in command of United since they purchased the team for £790 million back in 2005, therefore it remains to be seen whether the possible deal will persuade them to sell. United is currently active in the transfer market as they want to provide coach Erik ten Hag the best team possible for the next campaign. It was made even more obvious after Sunday’s loss that United needed a quality boost in many different areas of the field.

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