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Ralf Rangnick lays down Strict conditions for Man United’s transfers in January

Manchester United interim manager Ralf Rangnick is looking to bring in some big changes in the January and Summer transfer windows.

Ralf Rangnick

Despite being widely acclaimed as one of the best footballing minds in the world as far as managers are concerned, Ralf Rangnick has shifted more to an executive role in the past few years and he excels in scouting players. He had been the Sporting director at RB Leipzig and RB Salzburg for 7 years and although he was promoted many times, identifying young talents across the globe remained his knack. 

After his current interim manager role with Manchester United is over, he is expected to become the Sporting director of the Red Devils but before that, he will have to use his years of experience in bringing some good talents to Manchester United which they are in dire need of, especially in the midfield position. 

The central or holding midfield position of Manchester United needs an upgrade. Although there has been an improvement in Fred and Scott McTominay performances under Ralf Rangnick, the Red Devils need a better option if they are to challenge for the league title or the UEFA Champions league. They have been trophyless since 2019 and now is the time to change things. 

Manchester United are looking to make some big changes in the January and the Summer transfer window and Ralf Rangnick has laid down some ground rules and requirements which many players will be unable to fulfill. This is to ensure that the very best players join the club hereafter. 

Ralf Rangnick’s Transfer Criteria

Ralf Rangnick lays down Strict conditions for Man United’s transfers in January 2

Speaking on his transfer criteria and plans, Ralf Rangnick said, “My opinion on winter transfers is clear. It needs to be a player who improves the quality, who improves the team to get better, it needs to be a high-quality player, no matter in which area of the pitch.”

“If it’s a midfielder or whatever it is, it needs to be a player who really helps us to get better. And on the other hand, it needs to be a player, in case we would want him in the summer and he should be available for similar conditions in the winter, then it might make sense to discuss it and to have thoughts about that. But only then, if those two things come together.

And it needs to be the right mentality, not only the right quality. We also need, especially for this competitive league, to have the best possible mentality. They need to be mature enough, have a winning mentality. For me the mentality in this league is even more crucial than in any other league in the world,” the German Gaffer concluded. 

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