‘You had 90 minutes’: Referee rudely responds to Real Madrid stars’ complaints after draw against Osasuna

Real Madrid players were incensed with the referee's decision of adding on just 4 minutes of extra time at the end of the second half.

Real Madrid's complaint to the referee

Real Madrid endured a frustrating 0-0 draw against Osasuna on their return to the Bernabeu after a break of three weeks. Carlo Ancelotti’s men failed to break down a well-drilled Osasuna defence, who performed exceedingly when Madrid attacked the goal.

After not getting the three points, the mood inside the stadium was pretty dull as fans expected the three points, especially after their impressive performance earlier in the week where they defeated FC Barcelona by a 2-1 margin.

Real who were the dominant side throughout the match, had some decent chances to score but failed to take it and they also thought they were let down by some of the decisions made by the referee, Cesar Soto Grado.

Real Madrid players were angered at the lack of minutes added on in the second half

Ancelotti speaking with the referee - FirstSportz
Ancelotti spoke with the referee after the match

However, what angered the Real Madrid players more was the fact that only 4 minutes were added on in the second half of the match, despite many stoppages caused by the Osasuna players, who intentionally wanted to slow the game down.

The Real Madrid players surrounded the match referee, Cesar Soto Grando to complain regarding the decision, and the referee rudely turned all of their protests down, saying, “You’ve had 90 minutes, so don’t come to me now protesting. No, no, I already know.”

a penalty which was not awarded - FirstSportz
A potential penalty for Real Madrid was also denied for this challenge on Vinicius

Osasuna’s goalkeeper Sergio Herrera led the time-wasting propaganda for the away side, as he made it a point to waste time every time the ball went out of the ground, and a goal-kick was to be taken.

Real Madrid’s veteran right-back also protested for the lack of stoppage time, after the match and was quoted saying, “The referee added four minutes when in other games in the league they are adding five, six, seven and even up to eight when one of the two teams repeatedly wastes time and it doesn’t favour the game.”

“The referee didn’t get it right today in that respect. I don’t want to make excuses, but Sergio Herrera alone wasted almost four minutes.

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