Road To Euro 2020 Final at Wembley: England vs Italy

Euro 2020 Final: Get to know all upon the road to Wembley: England vs Italy and acknowledge the journey of both the European giants in the competition so far

Euro 2020 Final
Euro 2020 Watch England Vs Ukraine: Harry Kane gives England the upper hand over Ukraine with an early goal

The European Glory is all set for its penultimate climax as England locks horns against Italy in EURO 2020 Final. Having been the two best teams in the competition so far, these two gigantic football nations are about to the kitchen sink at one another in order to clinch their hands around the most prestigious silverware in European football. Let us take a look at the Road to Wembley for England vs Italy. 

Star-studded England and Italy will take the center stage. No one knows whether the trophy is “coming home” or Rome! But one thing would be safe to say, it is this very moment for one of these stars to inscribe their names not only in the history of their country’s contribution but for personal glory as well. 

Road To Wembley: England vs Italy – How Did the Three Lions Make Their Way into the Euro 2020 Final

England vs Italy Euro 2020 FInal: Jack Grealish and Declan Rice
Jack Grealish and Declan Rice, England’s unsung heroes

Group Stage 

England started their EURO 2020 Campaign in Group D against Croatia, wherein they successfully registered a 2-1 win. After which the Three Lions looked sluggish and managed to play out a stale draw against Scotland. Having made their way into the knockout stage, England beat the Czech Republic 1-0 to fetch the numero uno spot in their group. 

Round of 16 

With the stakes being raised higher than ever, England seemed to have been punished for topping their group as they faced Germany in the round of 16 itself. But with goals from Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling, the three lions managed to pull through the round via a 2-0 victory. 


With England finally managing to gain some confidence, next up was the resilient side of Ukraine. But ever since dominating the game since the initial minutes, Gareth Southgate’s three lions managed to impose their authority and win 4-0, entering the semi-finals in a comfortable fashion. 


With the underdogs Denmark scheduled against them, England was left stranded in the opening half. And after regular 90 minutes, a winner could not be separated for the EURO 2020 Final. However, with Harry Kane converting the crucial and controversial kick from the spot, it was England who entered the grandest stage on their home turf after 55 years. 

Road To Wembley: England vs Italy: How Did Azzurri Reach Euro 2020 Finals 

Euro 2020 Spain Vs Italy Player Ratings
Euro 2020 Italy

Group Stage 

Having being scheduled in Group A against the likes of Turkey, Wales, and Switzerland, Italy managed to dominate each team to secure the first spot and managed to cling onto their unbeaten streak. 

Round of 16 

With unpredictable Austria on the card, Azzurri faced a tough road in the first round of the knockout stage. Yet they came up with big extra time to manage to topple their opponents 2-1. 

Quarter Finals 

With Italy beating Austria, they had to face the stiff World No. 1 Belgium in the Quarters. But with the team looking out of form, Italy started on the attacking front and managed to secure 2 goals in the first half itself, which helped their glaze into the semis. 


With Luiz Enrique leading a young Spanish side deep into the EURO 2020’s edition, Italy always had a tough task to break them down. As a result, the match into penalties after a 1-1 draw after 120 minutes. Newly appointed PSG goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma emerged as the hero after making his team reach the finale.

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