Sports & Coronavirus | Football set to allow five substitutions in ‘temporarily’


After resuming of sports, football’s authority is ready to disclose a “temporary” change to the teams to make up to five substitutions policy in the game after the coronavirus induced postponement. This will help teams with likely fixture congestion in a packed calendar made by FIFA and are expected to be confirmed by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) this Friday.

The IFAB said that it was working with FIFA last week that “temporary dispensation of Law 3 (The Players) allowing competitions to give teams the option to use a maximum of five substitutes on up to three occasions during the match, plus at half-time.”

Limiting the number of events on which teams made changes would wipe out the reason for the time-wasting basis and the next chance would be allowed in matches that go to extra time.

Leagues will not be committed to executing the plans, the source said, but they will do as soon as they resume after all football globally shut down in mid-March because of the Covid-19 pandemic while the German Bundesliga is set to be the first European league to resume later this month.

The main objective of IFAB’s is to “protect players health” when the matches will start with a more packed plan to avoid “increased risk of injuries” which will be retained for the whole 2020-2021 season and as well as to the next European Championship which was suspended until June or July 2021 because of the health crises.

FIFA have said that executing the plan will be “at the discretion of the organiser of each competition. If the measure is still in force, UEFA could then adapt it for the Euro, ” a source said.

It continues to watch whether the measure could be left in place eternally but doing this is in the hand of the clubs with the enormous team with enormous strength.


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