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Steven Gerrard: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the midfielder.

Stevie Gerrard or what the football poet Peter Drury calls him Stevie G is an absolute legend of not just for Liverpool FC but Premier League in general.

The Liverpool legend, an iconic captain for The Reds and a legendary midfielder for the England national team. Everyone knows his impact on modern football. During his prime he was the best midfielder of his generation.

So here are 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the midfielder Steven Gerrard.

10. A Could Be Everton Fan

During his early days he used to admire many English Football Clubs. Everton was one of them and even some of his family members convinced him to be a fan of the eternal rival of Liverpool.

However, it was his brother and his father who had put the love of The Reds inside him and the rest as we all know is history.

9. Career Defining Mistakes.

Everyone knows the kind of career this English International had during which he has experienced peak, even surpassed the peak fewer times. But at the same time experienced certain lows which had become a dark side costing titles for his teams.

For instance the most significant low point came in the year 2014 against Chelsea. Where “The Famous Slip” caused Liverpool the much awaited Premier League title glory. There were other mistakes as well with England but it was this moment which stands out.

8. Almost a Red Devil!

During his early days at Liverpool FC, he lacked opportunities which made him desperate to look for other options. So, he took a test to be a part of Sir Alex’s Manchester United 

And this made Liverpool anxious and they wide opened their eyes and gave him “The Opportunity” which resulted in the making of an eternal legend Stevie G.

7. The Famous incident with the Manchester United fan

He once ran over a child who was leaving his school. This could have turned out to be really ugly for him but instead became a story to remember for everyone. He waited for the ambulance next to the boy.

The little Manchester United fanboy was furious by this act because of the arch rivalry between the two clubs. So, Gerrard as an act of kindness asked Wayne Rooney to send signed boots for the little fan as a kind gesture.

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6. A Big Player for The Big Finals

Steven Gerrard holds the record of being the only player to have this insane feat of scoring in at least one final of the FA Cup, English League Cup, Uefa Cup and UEFA Champions League in which he has been a crucial part of the team.

5. Gerrard and The Horrifying Hillsborough 

The Hillsborough tragedy shocked the entire football world by their nerves and a young Steven Gerard was no exception to it. Stevie G lost his dear cousin Jon Paul in the incident who was the youngest victim of the disaster.

Gerrard never forgot this and took a pledge to become a legend of the Liverpool FC in honor of his dear cousin which he had well and truly kept. A beautiful gesture from a beautiful human being.

4. “The Special One” for The Special One

Due to his exceptional talents on the field he has been a high valued superstar his entire career. However there was one coach who turned the desire into an obsession, whose name is Jose Mourinho.

The Special One tried on multiple occasions to sign the Anfield Legend during his time with Chelsea, Inter and even Real Madrid but Stevie G refused to leave the love of his life Liverpool FC.

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3. A Journey From a Player to a Manager.

Following in the footsteps of some of the great names of his time. For instance, Henry and Lampard. Stevie G also decided to put on his suit and look for opportunities on the technical side of the game.

And boy oh boy what a journey it has been. As he led the Rangers to their invincible Scottish Premier League title crossing the 100+ point milestone and kept the best defensive record in the league’s history by conceding only 13 goals.

2. Loyal To The Anfield Forever.

He was approached by many people during his illustrious career. But not once he decided to leave his favorite club. Despite not being able to win the Premier League with the club he has certainly achieved possibly every other honor available.

When he decided to leave for MLS for Galaxy club he signed autographs and then one of his fans gave him the Galaxy jersey to which he flatly refused as he considered that as disrespect for the Liverpool club and fanbase.

1 . A Career that Could Never Be There In The First Place!


This was a story which would top this list any day of the week and twice on Sundays because of the sheer moment of miracle that is being involved with it. 

It began during his childhood days when Stevie G used to play with his friends in a makeshift field. On one fine day the ball went out of the bounds and got lost in the bushes. He went to find the fall and in that process got hurt by a tip of a rake in the big toe of his foot.

The doctors considered a surgery for amputating the finger to which Liverpool held contrary opinion and advised not to go with it. Which resulted in the full recovery of their legendary captain Steven Gerrard and the rest is history.

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