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Twitter goes crazy of viral Lionel Messi video

Find out which Lionel Messi video has gone viral, and have your say whether it is fake or real.

Lionel Messi departed because of the financial crisis

One of the best players of football, Lionel Messi has done and won it all during his illustrious career which started with FC Barcelona. The Argentine star has now moved on to a new chapter in his life, after he joined French outfit Paris Saint Germain this summer, bringing an end to the Blaugrana connection after 20 long years.

Even after scoring over 650 goals in his career, the 34-year old continues to surprise his fans with immense ball playing skills and scoring wonder goals.

Lionel Messi performed a filthy skill in a Pepsi advertisement in 2019

It seems that he has yet again brought football fans at a standstill with something which he did two years ago that too off the football pitch. A video of him shooting for a Pepsi advertisement has gone viral, where Lionel Messi displayed his talent yet again in a behind the shoot scenario.

The video shows Messi placing a Pepsi bottle on top of a football, which he then chips it right through a hoop situated a fair distance out. However, what has taken fans by surprise is the fact that the bottle lands perfectly on the floor after the ball has passed through the ring.

Many fans have brought out the video and claimed that it was not really his skill which helped him land the bottle perfectly but it was rather edited and hence the video was claimed to be a fake one.

Just as there are two sides to a coin, others have opined differently and they have no doubt that it was Lionel Messi who had perfectly implemented the act and no external forces were used in this.

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