Football | Vijayan urged youngsters to follow footsteps of Captain Sunil Chhetri


Former football player, IM Vijayan has stated that young footballers must follow the footsteps of Indian Football Team’s Captain Sunil Chhetri, as the latter is the perfect example of “dedication and resolve.”

Vijayan praised Chhetri for his dedication and longevity. He also requested all the youngsters to follow the work ethic of Chhetri.

During the live session of Instagram with Chhetri, Vijayan said, “I follow your matches and the dedication and resolve with which you play for your club and country is brilliant. The number of matches you have played for India and the number of goals you have scored — it’s a huge achievement.”

Chhetri has made 108 appearances for India now, and his numbers suggest him to be India’s best striker till date. Vijayan further said, “I have spoken to many youngsters and upcoming players including Sahal (Abdul Samad) and Ashique (Kuruniyan), and I tell them to look at you. The way you play and the things you do — I ask them to take you as an example.”

Vijayan is one of the legendary players produced by India. He also advised players to remain grounded and not let fame get over their head to be successful in life.

He also said about the game that, “It is a simple thing. Life is short and your football-playing time is short. You play football with your feet but you should not let it go to your head — otherwise, it can be a dangerous fall.”

Chhetri also lauded Vijayan and said that he has played game for the pure love for sports.

Vijayan has played football since 1992 till 2003. He has made 79 appearances and scored 40 goals in his account.

Chhetri praised Vijayan by saying, “If you want to see a humble example of a superstar, here it is (Vijayan). If you want to see someone who played the game purely because he loved it, here it is. If you want to see someone who is brilliant in every way and yet so down-to-earth, here it is.”

Chhetri reminded that, “Vijayan was playing for Churchill Brothers at the time. I was watching the game and he came on a substitute. He didn’t look quite fit but there was a cross and there were two defenders, but he took the ball on his chest and back-volleyed it into the top corner, from outside the penalty box.”

He also said, “The way he used to score goals used to amaze everyone. He was an absolute pleasure to watch. He is by far the most skillful and innovative player I have seen.”

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