Vinicius Junior or Ansu Fati- who is a better pick?

Vinicius Junior and Ansu Fati are two of the most promising youngsters of the current generation and keeping in mind their potential both are expected to take the footballing world by storm in the future.

Ansu Fati, Vinicius Junior, Bernabeu, Camp Nou

The Footballing world has witnessed some lip-smacking rivalries over the last so many years between some of the greatest players. Whether it was Pele Vs Eusebio, Johan Cryuff Vs Franz Beckenbauer, Paulo Rossi Vs Maradona, Ronaldo Vs David Beckham or whether it is the present rivalry of two of the current stars, Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Lionel Messi. At present we are witnessing the emergence of two of the future stars who could grab headlines in the future. Yes, we are talking about none other than Ansu Fati and Vinicius Junior.

Both players are quite young but are already showcasing their quality with some bold performances. Amidst their recent performances and what the future holds for them, there is another debate that is generating interest- who is better between the two?

Whenever there will be an EL Classico in the future these players are bound to lock horns and this rivalry would become even more exciting like the Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Lionel Messi contest once they are in their prime.

Who is a better pick statistically and on current form?

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So who is a better pick at the moment? If we closely analyze both players there isn’t any difference between the two. Both players play at the left-wing but Vinicius can play as a forward as well as in the midfield while Fati normally plays as an attacking midfielder. Based on the statistics provided below of both players Vinicius Junior holds an edge at the moment.

#1 Vinicius Junior

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Vinicius started his career with Flamengo and went on to attract interest from various big clubs. His form and talent helped him make a move to Bernabeu. The 21-year-old can outpace the opposition’s defence with his skillful dribbles and accelerating pace. Vinicius is a player who can score during crucial situations, build attacks and is a voracious striker inside the box.

He has scored 26 goals in 151 appearances till now with 15 assists to his name. His overall passing success percentage is 80.3 percent while he averages 1.6 shots per game. He has won 6 Man of the Match awards so far and has played for 7773 minutes till now.

#2 Ansu Fati

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Fati is more of an attacking midfielder who likes to attack the opposition with his brisk pace in order to subdue the defence. The 19-year-old is known for his passing skills and is a tricky customer who can create chances with his deceptive moves.

The midfielder caught everyone’s eye after his arrival at Camp Nou. Fati hasn’t got enough game time but has looked more vigorous in building attacks. The Spaniard can also outrun the opposition with his speed and can build-up play with his clever movements.

The 19-year-old has played for 2147 minutes till now scoring 16 goals in 48 games so far in his career with 3 assists to his name. Fati averages 1.5 shots per game which is quite impressive keeping in mind the limited amount of game time he has got. His overall passing percentage is 84.4 percent which is also quite impressive. He has won 3 Man of the Match awards so far in his career.

Well, these are still early days to predict who is better as both players are quite young and still have lots of promising years ahead of them but at the moment keeping in mind the statistics and Vinicius Junior’s all round capabilities the Brazilian is slightly ahead of the Spaniard.

Vinicius Junior and Ansu Fati are primed to achieve greatness in the future and there is no denying that they will be masters of the game in the future. We can assure you that when they hang up their boots it would give us a clear idea of who is the greatest between the two but till then let’s enjoy their game.

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