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WATCH: Beautiful sportsmanship shown by Erhan Çelenk during a match against Caykur Rizespor

Erhan Çelenk, Turkish professional football player shows a great sportsmanship by kicking the ball out of play when Fabricio Baiano in opponent needed medical attention for muscle pull.

Football is a very beautiful game as it is filled with all kind of emotions and at any moment you might see a beautiful moment while on the other hand it might turn nasty real quick.

There are certain moments in this game which has always filled up the hearts of fans as players showed beautiful sportsmanship on the pitch. One such moment arose when Altay SK’s midfielder Erhan Çelenk showed a beautiful sportsman spirit against Caykur Rizespor.

Erhan Çelenk shows beautiful sportsmanship at an early stage of the match

Erhan Çelenk puts the ball out as Fabricio Baiano needed medical attention

Erhan Çelenk ran in with the ball in an open play of counter attack and was chased by Caykur Rizespor’s defensive midfielder Fabricio Baiano who pulled his muscle and went to the ground. Erhan could have easily put his team up 1-0 at the 14th minute of the game but instead he put the ball out to stop the play and get Fabricio some immediate medical attention.

This incident took place in 21st of September 2021, in Turkish football, Super Lig as Caykur Rizespor took on Altay SK in their sixth match of the season. Altay came out as the dominant team in the match as they won 2-1 in Caykur Rizespor’s home turf.

Currently after 13 matches in the Super Lig, Caykur Rizespor is at the bottom of the table with just 7 points to their tally while Altay SK is at the 11th place with 16 points.

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