Who is the owner of Crystal Palace?

Steve Parish, owner of Crystal Palace
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The owner of Crystal Palace is Steve Parish alongside American investors Josh Harris and David Blitzer. A new deal was signed in 2015 which entered the American investors in Josh Harris and David Blitzer and that Parish would continue to work as the Chairman of the club. The previous owners in the form of Browett, Long and Hosking also retained a substantial investment of their initial amount made in 2010.

Change of owners of Crystal Palace over the Years

Owners of Crystal Palace
Owners of Crystal Palace

The club found its first chairman of note in the early years of 1900, when club secretary Edmund Goodman appointed Sydney Bourne to the role. He continued in his position till 1930 which still stands as the record of longest serving chairman in the history of the club.

In 1949, the club first saw it being transferred to an individual when a local builder Arthur Wait established a consortium of 7 individuals to purchase the club. Wait became the chairman of the club in 1958 and continued in the role till 1972. That year, Raymond Bloye took over the chairmanship of the club and continued till 1981.

Ron Noades, a property developer then came along and formed a consortium himself to taking control of the club till 1998, which made him the second longest serving chairman.

Crystal Palace
The new squad Crystal Palace

Steve Parish and three other wealthy club fans, formed a group known as CPFC 2010 in which included Steve Parish, Martin Long, Stephen Browett and Jeremy Hosking. All of them owned 25% shares each of the company which took over Crystal Palace from the hands of their previous owners, Simon Jordan.

The company accounts which were shown later revealed that the ownership figures were: Steve Parish 18%, Steve Browett 5%, Jeremy Hosking 5% and Martin Long 2.5% with the remainder is owned by Palace Holdco LP.

How much is the owner of Crystal Palace worth?

The net worth of the owners of Crystal Palace combines to a total of $5.7B which ranks as the sixth highest among the owners of the Premier League clubs.

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