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Football World Reacts To Scandalous Urban Meyer Video

Check out the scandalous video which featured NFL coach Urban Meyer.

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer has grabbed recent headlines in the footballing world courtesy of a video that has gone viral on social media since yesterday. The coach who is yet to win his first match as coach of the football side has now been the center of attraction for something other than the results on the pitch.


The video shows the 57-year old coach, Urban Meyer sitting in what is supposedly a bar and is getting danced on by a younger woman, who is definitely not his wife. As it is common for the NFL teams to get their weekends off after having played a match on Thursday, it was no surprise that the coach went to a bar to cool off some steam, however, what seemed to have caught everyone’s attention was the fact that he was involved with a girl.

The video isn’t clear when it took place but the comments suggest the setting is at Urban’s Chop House in Columbus, Ohio. Many suggested it was at Pint House in Dublin.


Meyer is married to Shelley, whom he met as a teenage girl, and eventually got married in 1986. The couple has three children in Nicol, Gisela, and Nathan.

Twitter reacts to Urban Meyer’s scandalous video

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