Top 5 Footballers With Most No. Of Followers on Social Media


With a basic fan estimate of more than 3.5 Billion, Football easily makes itself the most followed sport in the world by a whopping 1 Billion difference from the next sport to follow, i.e Cricket (2.5 Billion).

After conquering the world with the highest fan estimate, it can also be said that atheletes who play football are also among the most followed Athletes in the world.

It is obvious that today, most of these Fans use their social media accounts to follow their favorite players so that they never miss out on their glorious career moments, day to day training sessions, funny family times and random selfies with their fans.

In order to find out who’s the most followed player of the most followed game currently!


5James Rodriguez

James David Rodríguez Rubio, commonly called James, is a Colombia based professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Real Madrid and also for the National team of Colombia.

Being a World-class player, Rodriguez is an excellent player with ‘lightning-fast’ legs which are evident in his passing. Despite his small stature, his strong physicality makes up for it. He also has a great shooting ability with good dribbling skills as well.

Fan Base- 95 Million (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)



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