ForceOne x LegStump Esports (F1LS) BGMI roster to be disbanded soon, as per reports

As per some recent reports, ForceOne X LegStump Esports is going to disband their Battlegrounds Mobile India roster soon.

ForceOne x LegStump Esports (F1LS) BGMI roster to be disbanded soon, as per reports
F1LS BGMI roster disbanded?

With the arrival of various third party and official tournaments of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Esports organizations are experimenting with their BGMI rosters by dropping and announcing a new one. As per recent reports, ForceOne x LegStump Esports BGMI (F1LS) roster is going to be disbanded soon.

It has been 3 months since Battlegrounds Mobile India was released by Krafton. Esports organizations didn’t miss their chance to announce their roster for new games as BGMI had gained immense popularity across the country. Fans have seen various underdog as well as invitational tournaments where new players are emerging out to surpass the expreienced players. On the other hand, some teams are having a tough time to leave an impression among the fans.

ForceOne x LegStump Esports (F1LS) BGMI roster might be disbanded

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F1LS BGMI roster

ForceOne x LegStump Esports, better known as F1LS is the collaboration of two Indian esports organizations ForceOne and LegStump. Along with a roster in Battlegrounds Mobile India, the organization also holds rosters for COD Mobile, Free Fire and Valorant. The organization revealed their BGMI roster on 30th July,2021 which consisted of three ex GodLike players.

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F1LS BGMI roster consisted of the following players:

1) Smokie (Shekhar Patil)

2) Rayed (Syed Rayed Shah)

3) Vampire (Eleen Raj)

4) K47 (Kamran Rauf)

Smokie and Rayed were previously part of Team GodLike where they won several tournaments such as PMCO: Spring Split India 2020. Vampire also holds competitive experience of PUBG Mobile, however, K47 was relatively to eSports scene. Fans had expected something different from this roster as these players have been part of prominent organizations.

ForceOne x LegStump Esports (F1LS) BGMI roster to be disbanded soon, as per reports
BGMI India Series 2021

However their performances at the recent tournaments have not been able to impress the fans. The team is struggling at different tournaments to stay at the top position. A recent post from Lets Grow Esports reveals that the officials of F1LS might soon disband their BGMI roster. Although an official confirmation hasn’t been given yet, the team’s repeated poor performance suggest at the disbandment of the roster.

As BGMI India Series 2021 is going to commence soon, eSports organizations are making sure that their teams do not fall behind. Recently, Mortal confirmed on the disbandment of Team SouL BGMI roster. Fans can keep a wathc at the social media platforms of F1LS for further updates.

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