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ForceOnexLegStump eSports unveils new Battlegrounds Mobile India roster

ForceOnexLegStump eSports have officially announced their Battlegrounds Mobile India roster which consists of 3 ex-GodLike players. Read the article to know more.

F1LS BGMI roster

One of our country’s leading eSports organisation, F1LS (ForceOnexLegStump) have have announced their new BGMI lineup today on their official Instagram handle. The roster consists of players who had previously played under GodLike eSports organization.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a region specific avatar of PUBG Mobile published by Krafton directly as they had decided to cut off their ties with Chinese gaming company Tencent. Krafton’s entry in India with BGMI was a huge success as the game has surpassed 10 million downloads on Google Play Store within just a few days of it’s release. Krafton had given a glimpse on the eSports expansion of BGMI in BGMI Launch Party. The announcemet of BGMI India Series 2021 left players exhilarated. Not only that, several eSports organizations are rushing to make an entry into this highly trending game.

F1LS eSports organization has joined the list of other eSports organizations who have revealed their BGMI roster for the upcoming eSports tournaments.

ForceOnexLegStump (F1LS) officially announces their Battlegrounds Mobile India roster


F1LS which is a partnership of two Indian eSports organizations – Force One & Leg Stump. It is a registered private company based in Gujarat, India formed with the intention to uplift deserving talents from Indian gaming community which has rosters for CODM as well as Valorant. Force One eSports also had a roster for PUBG Mobile where it managed to qualify for PMIS 2020 Online qualifiers.

The partnership of ForceOne and LegStump eSports had earlier announced their entry in Battlegrounds Mobile India and finally they revealed their BGMI roster in their Instagram handle. The roster consists of the following players:

  • Smokie (Shekhar Patil)
  • Rayed (Syed Rayed Shah)
  • K47 (Kamran Rauf)
  • Vampire (Eleen Raj)

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The roster consists of 3 ex-GodLike eSports players. Smokie was recently seen playing at BGMI Launch Party being a part of Team Kronten. The team managed to bag the 2nd position. Smokie played a key role in GodLike which helped them to secure the first position in PUBG Mobile Club Open- Spring Split 2020: India as well as PMPL- Spring Split 2020: South Asia Scrims Season 2 . Smokie is known for his assaulter & in-game leadership skills so fans will be keeping an eye on his strategic decisions in the battlegrounds.

Another extraordinary assaulter, Rayed was also a part of GodLike eSports. His performance as a fragger is noteworthy as he managed to achieve the Top Fragger award in War Of Peace Week 1 & Battlegrounds of Legends Week 2. The void of a supporter in the team is filled by Vampire who holds a great experience on eSports tournaments as he was a part of many eSports organizations such as NovaGodLike, Mayhem & Orange Rock.

BGIS 2021

K47 played for FutureStation eSports earlier. However, he’s a new entrant in the eSports atmosphere but his performance in various scrims might assure us that he might turn the tables in the upcoming BGMI tournaments.

It will be intriguing to see how this roster performs under this eSports organization in the upcoming BGMI India series 2021. Meanwhile, the registration dates for BGMI India Series 2021 have been extended and the closing date hasn’t been announced yet.

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