Former Chelsea player isn’t pleased with Kai Havertz’s ‘body language’

Robert Huth slams Kai Havertz saying he looks uninterested. Havertz had a horror show against Leicester City.

Chelsea lost 2-0 to Leicester City

It’s safe to say that Kai Havertz hasn’t played up to the level Chelsea fans expected him to be at. The German international has looked extremely uninterested at times and it’s a cause of concern.

Havertz had a dismal performance against Leicester City in the Premier League wherein he lost possession 8 times inside the first half.

Robert Huth is displeased with Kai Havertz

Havertz gets substituted

Kai Havertz was brought in by Chelsea for a fee of £72 million in the summer transfer window to strengthen their attack. Termed as one of the best young talents around the world he was dubbed to be the next big thing.

However things haven’t gone according to plan with Havertz having injury issues along as well. He was out for over a month after testing positive for Covid-19.

But even After returning he hasn’t looked his best one bit with below par performances. He started well with a hat-trick in the Carabao Cup but hasn’t adjusted in the Premier League so far.

It’s all well and good saying he needs to be the main guy but he’s at a big club and he needs to make that happen himself. Now is the time to shine,’

‘I just don’t like his body language at all, he looks a bit lightweight. It’s his first year, but he looks like he’s not bothered at times.He loses the ball, gives it away and doesn’t work back. It is a difficult time to come in with no fans, but you just want to shake him.

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