Former Driver Rene Arnoux vital advice to improve Ferrari’s woeful F1 form

Rene Arnoux

Team Ferrari is currently going through their worst phase in their F1 career. The veteran F1 team has had numerous silver wares during their tenure on the grandest stage. But ironically Kimi Raikkonen became the last Scuderia driver to win a title in 2007 for the team. Ferrari’s downfall was eclipsed first by Red Bull and then by Mercedes. As a result, Ferrari registered their worst season in 2020. 

Although many suggested their opinions on why Ferrari had their downfall in such a fashion. But former driver Rene Arnoux had possibly one of the best explanations. The Frenchman believes poor choices regarding management personnel are to blame. Rene Arnoux also went onto compared the current era with Ferrari F1’s glory days. 

Ferrari’s Former Driver Rene Arnoux crucial advice that could change the team’s miserable fortune in F1 

RacingNews365 quoted Rene Arnoux saying (translated via Google), “It’s about putting the right people in the right positions within the team and that all departments work well together.  

“You can have everything at home, but if the people are not aligned, then you are nowhere.” 

This holds true in the case of Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto. Large sections of the Tifosi feel that he wasn’t the right man to be front and center, leading the team’s endeavors on track.  

To make his point, Arnoux added, “Enzo Ferrari and Jean Todt, for example, knew how to manage everything very well at Ferrari. Todt may not have known how to design a car, but he knew exactly how to shape a team. 

“He made sure that everything was ready for people who came to work there and that is how the results came. That is the difference with now.” 

Despite the optimism surrounding the start of the new season, Rene advises the Tifosi to keep expectations low. “I just share my idea about the methods that should be applied. But every change takes time, you won’t win overnight. I don’t believe Ferrari can work miracles in 2021,” said the Frenchman. 

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