Former NXT talks about Triple H’s backstage behavior…

Amber Nova had a short stint with WWE NXT back in 2018, where she got to work with Triple H. She was pleased by his attitude...

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Amber Nova

Amber Nova had a short stint with NXT back in 2018, where she got to work with Triple H. She recently commented on what it was like working with him. She also spoke about Stephanie McMahon.

Nova is a professional wrestler who has been working in the business since 2016. She has worked with two major promotions in the past, IMPACT Wrestling and NXT. However, she is currently not signed to any major company but is doing well for herself on the independent scene.

Speaking to Danial Ali, Amber Nova spoke about what it was like working with WWE in NXT. During her time in NXT, Nova got to interact with WWE COO and Hall of Famer, Triple H.

“I got a father vibe from him. That’s one of my first impressions of meeting Triple H. I got very calm (energy), you know. I can tell by people’s energy, I really believe in that. I got a really fatherly energy type where he cares about his employees and I just got a good vibe like that from him.”

During her time in WWE, Amber Nova had two matches, both of which she lost. Her first match was a singles match against Nikki Cross, and her second one was a tag match.

“They care about people” – Amber Nova on Triple H

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Triple H handles NXT

She also recalled her interaction with Triple H’s wife, Stephanie McMahon. She remembered how she was once backstage, and Stephanie McMahon took the time out of her busy schedule to talk to her. It made her realize how caring Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and WWE, as a whole, are.

“Same with Stephine McMahon when I have been able to speak with her and talk to her. She’s remembered my face walking by like you know sometimes you think, ‘Oh? There’s just gonna walk by and remember me or they’re busy, don’t worry about it.’ She stopped dead in her tracks and said hello to me when I was there again because you know a lot of people are backstage and you don’t always know what’s going on. Both of them are just amazing people, they have a very family oriented vibe. They care about people, they care about the fans, they care about their talent.”

Amber is currently working on the independent wrestling circuit but has been open to signing with a promotion. Her dream has always been to sign with WWE. So perhaps we could get to see her back in NXT sometime soon.

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