Former Olympic Champion Jan Frodeno Completes Charity Triathlon Indoors


    On Saturday, Olympic Gold medalist and three time winner of Iron man World Championship, Jan Frodeno completed full Ironman triathlon at home for charity to raises money more than 200,000 euros.

    Currently, German is in lockdown in Girona, Spain, Swam 3.86 in his counter current pool, cycled 180 km on his roller trainer, and ran a 42.2 km on treadmill marathon in a time of 8 hours 33 minutes 39 seconds.

    “That was certainly different and great fun. I’m really pleased we were able to make this happen, and to raise money for such good and important causes,” Frodeno, who is a three-time Ironman world champion, said.

    “We’ve been subject to lockdown for almost four weeks now and there is strict monitoring of compliance with these rules, and rightly so.”

    The spread of this deadly virus has wreaked havoc , has forced to either postpone or cancel the major events of this year including Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, Wimbledon and EURO Championship 2020.

    “In the beginning it was actually just a crazy idea, with me thinking: ‘If I can’t do my race, I’ll just do it at home.’ Then we thought more about how and why we should actually do this. I just wanted to attract attention in order to raise money,” said Frodeno, who won Olympic triathlon gold in 2008.

    World wide this deadly virus had taken 108,834 lives and 1,780,440 peoples are tested positive.


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