Former Pakistan cricketer’s advice to Babar Azam to improve his speaking skills


Pakistan limited-overs skipper Babar Azam is regarded as one of the best batsmen in the world and he is being compared to India cricket team captain Virat Kohli. Former Pakistan cricketer Tanvir Ahmed believes that the player needs to work on his personality.

In a Youtube video, the former Pakistan bowler gave advice to Babar that he will need to be communicate with media as captain of the team, and hence also needs to work on improving his English speaking skills as it has been a big problem to Pakistani cricketers.

“Try to improve your personality. By personality, I mean a person can change his dressing sense. Babar Azam also needs to improve his English, which is necessary. Whenever someone becomes a captain, he has to talk during the toss and post-match presentation. Plus, he will also give interviews on various channels when he tours different countries,” he said.

“A leader needs to be punctual and organised as the players follow the captain. He should also maintain his fitness level, because if the captain himself isn’t fit, then he can’t advise other players on improving their fitness, It remains to be seen how Babar leads the team. He needs to be mentally strong as even a slight dip in performance as captain will invite a lot criticism from media. So he will have to tolerate the criticism and not react to it. If he reacts, then things will get very difficult for him,” he added.

Ahmed told that Captaincy isn’t an easy job. However, Ahmed is happy for Babar as he has become captain after only five years since making his debut in 2015. If any player becomes a captain in such a short period of time, then it is an extra-ordinary achievement for him.


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