Former Russian boxer Mikhail Startsev and kickboxer Liliya Vorogushina Accused Of Killing A 40 year old


40-year-old Pavel Pokhlov had to face death because Russian ex-boxer Mikhail Startsev and world champion kickboxer Liliya Vorogushina were involved in a fatal fight with him. On 27th July, in the Russian city of Barnaul, Startsev and Vorogushina were filmed fighting in a mass brawl in which a man was killed with a fatal punch knockout while defending a disabled person.

The footage showed Startsev hauling the disabled man to the floor. Vorogushina aims several kicks at the man’s head. When one of them grabbed the disabled person’s cane which he had because his left side of the body was damaged and began beating him with his own cane Pokhlov intervened. Amidst the whole brawl, Startsev landed the fatal blow on Pokhlov, who immediately collapsed and striked his head on the pavement.

Pokhlov’s Widow Raised Her Voice and Called Them “scumbags” And “animals”

Svetlana, Pokhlov’s widow, who was also injured during the incident, raised her voice on Intsgram against what happened. She wrote, “Thanks to this animal, my beloved husband and father of three children is no more! A good, kind-hearted man! Who couldn’t just walk by when a disabled person was being attacked! This man had a walking stick in his hand, he was simply trying to get away from these scumbags. My Pavel came to help him. Wanted to separate them. But Vorogushina – a champion kickboxer, and her friend started to jump in and beat us.Then there was the fatal blow and instant death! Instant! Not one of these scumbags have apologised to me or to his parents. They just decided to make it easier and block me everywhere.”

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