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Formula 1 2021: Three drivers who scored the most penalty points this season

Find out which of the Formula 1 driver have had the most penalty points this season.

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The 2021 Formula 1 season was a huge challenge for Formula 1 race directors and Stewards who had the difficult task in hand of controlling and penalizing the high-speed chaos Formula 1 is. The 2021 season was a much more dramatic scene as the on-track wheel to wheel duel between rivals Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton was on high role.

To ensure the safety of drivers and teams FIA has multiple rules and regulations on offer to prioritise safe and exiting driving. The FIA regulates various trans-aggressions and incidents. In some cases, a driver has received penalty points on their FIA Super Licence along with a penalty.

Since 2014, the penalty points system has been in place. Any driver who racks up 12 penalty points over the course of any 12-month period (not necessarily in one season), will earn an automatic race ban for the following race. Fortunately, no driver has finished with 12 points in a year to see a ban.

Find out the drivers with most penalty points this season

Yuki Tsunoda

Several drivers have added points to their license during 2021.  Japanese Formula one star and P4 finisher of 2021 Abu Dhabi grand prix , Alpha Tauri rookie Yuki Tsunoda, who had good season has collected the most points, with a total of eight to his name for five different incidents.

Red Bull’s duo and partners in crime  Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen follows the rookie with 7 points each in their name , Verstappen’s occurred most of his points for offences in the second half of the season, such as for his collisions with Lewis Hamilton at the Italian and Saudi Arabian Grands Prix.

The points are expected from someone like Max Verstappen who is known for his aggressive driving style. This style has played significant part in Verstappen securing the world Title in 2021.

Nicholas Latifi’ whose infamous crash in season finisher in Abu Dhabi which prompted the safety car controversies and cost Hamilton the championship. Second place finisher of 2021 formula 1 season and 7 times world champion who dragged the title race to the wire going wheel to wheel with Max Verstappen for the Formula 1 title only to be overtaken by Max Verstappen on the last lap of Abu Dhabi GP. Finished 15th with only 2 penalty points in his name above Esteban Ocon and George Russell.

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