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Belgian Grand Prix 2021: Number of Race Laps Confirmed After Delay

Get to know all about the latest news and developments surround the Belgian Grand Prix 2021

The Belgian Grand Prix 2021 was always going to produce various twists, one of which was because of the weather conditions. Over the initial two days, race fans saw the catastrophe which led on the race tracks as drivers lost their control on highly wet track. As a result, to which the entire schedule of the race been changed. 

It has been reported that the Belgian Grand Prix shall not comprise of only 39 laps as half of time to commence the race has already passed by. Those who are not aware, the three hour window to hold any race is provided by the authorities, out of which the more than an hour has already gone by as all the drivers and teams have been waiting eagerly in their pit lanes. 

Belgian Grand Prix 2021 To be Held with 39 Laps

Belgian GP Live Stream

Knowing that the drivers were at full risk beign exposed in such a harsh weather, the authorities strictly followed their protocols are told every team to call-in their drivers. But is the weather condition suitable enough to hold a race? It seems like an speculations which will be answered on the race track itself as the revised race schedule has been released. 

Having said that, the winner of the Belgian Grand Prix is hard to predict after the entire track is highly wet and can deliver any accident especially on the turns. What drama will unfold will remains to be seen as the Belgian Grand Prix is all set to commence with 39 laps. However some do regard the race to comprise of 43 laps rather than 39. As according to article 40.1 a delayed start shall comprehend of one lap less.

On the other hand, if the race doesn’t happen which team shall be more happy remains to be the focal point? As both Verstappen and Hamilton could be on the verge on fetching the lead y a significant margin in the Constructor’s Standings in this very race.

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