Formula 1: Christian Horner Hits Back at Toto Wolff’s ‘Personal Attacks’ Claim

Get to know how did Christian Horner respond to the 'personal attack' claim of Toto Wolff ahead of Hungarian Grand Prix.

Toto Wolff and Christian Horner
Toto Wolff and Christian Horner

Recently on an occasion, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff went onto claim that the aftermath of the Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collision at British GP from the key figures at Red Bull was indeed personal. To which now the boss of the Austrian team, Christian Horner has come out to oppose ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix. 

Those who are not aware, Horner was visibly very frustrated and angry at Hamilton after he collided with Max Verstappen in the first lap. As a result of which the leader of the Constructor’s championship could not collect any points for his team or against his name. Verstappen is seen as one of the most aggressive drivers in the F1 field which is a trait Horner feels is exaggerated by some, noting that the championship leader has rarely been involved in incidents in the last two years. 

What was Opinionated by Christian Horner on Toto Wolff? 

Lewis Hamilton and Christian Horner 1 - FirstSportz
Lewis Hamilton and Christian Horner

“I would like to make it clear,” Horner told Red Bull’s official website“This was an on-track incident between two of the best drivers in the world. 

“At the point in time when you have a driver in hospital and the extent of any injuries have not yet been made clear, your car has been written off and the stewards have penalised the driver seen to be responsible, it is natural that emotion comes into play, for all involved, whether you feel wronged or victorious.” 

“I also felt the narrative that Max was being ‘overly aggressive’ at that stage was unjustified,” said Horner“You only have to look at the fact Max has zero penalty points on his license and has not been found guilty of any on-track misjudgments in recent years.

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff

“The aggressive 17-year-old F1 rookie Max Verstappen that Hamilton is referring to is not the Max Verstappen of today, just as Hamilton is not the same driver he was when he entered the sport. 

“Both drivers are of course uncompromising in their driving style, but they are both highly skilled drivers with a great deal of experience. The reality is that Hamilton has met his match in a car that is now competitive, and I agree that both drivers need to show each other respect, but Hamilton was the aggressor on Sunday.”

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