Christian Horner: Stewards Should Be Locked Away from Team Bosses

Red Bull boss Christian Horner wants race stewards to have no contact with team bosses regarding any decision.

Toto Wolff and Christian Horner
Toto Wolff and Christian Horner

Red Bull boss Christian Horner was evident is showing his disappointment and disarray with Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes after the British Grand Prix. Having swept aside the past incidents, Horner believes that race stewards should not be allowed to come in contact with the team bosses during any point of any race, especially at the incident at Silverstone. 

The on-track clash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton led to both Red Bull Racing and Mercedes team representatives calling FIA race director Michael Masi during the race’s red flag period to cast their unilateral view on the high-profile incident. But when Mercedes boss Toto Wolff offered to argue his case directly to the stewards and Masi accepted. This resulted in an angry Horner took exception with the Austrian’s initiative. 

Christian Horner’s Opinion on the Race Stewards and Team Bosses 

Christian Horner Endorsement 1 - FirstSportz
Christian Horner

I saw Toto, who was lobbying the stewards, which I heard he was going there so I went there to make sure our view was represented,” recounted Horner after the race. “I don’t think it’s right that team principals go up there to lobby the stewards. They should be locked away so they’re not influenced and for me that was unacceptable that he had gone up there to lobby the stewards.” 

Christian Horner added, “I wanted to make sure there was a balanced opinion given, rather than trying to influence pressure on the stewards to make a menial sentence. I don’t think anyone should be allowed to see the stewards during the course of a Grand Prix.” On the opposing side of the stewards’ office, Wolff justified his decision to personally deliver his view on events. 

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff

“I was told that there was a rant on the radio to Michael about all the badness in the world, and then I went up and gave my opinion,” Wolff sarcastically said, referring to Horner’s earlier radio communication with Masi.

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