“I Know What I am Capable of”: Daniel Ricciardo looks to get back in top form in Baku

Daniel Ricciardo eager to show his critics that the 'Ricciardo Train' is up and running in full force in Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo

It hasn’t been a pleasant at all for the Australian Honey Badger, Daniel Ricciardo who has significantly seen his form diminishing. However, after five Grand Prix is determined to get back in his prime form. The newest Mclaren driver was the inaugural winner of Azerbaijan Grand Prix in 2017 and hopes to return back into top form, in the same circuit. 

Ricciardo’s struggles in the McLaren have been one of the stories of 2021, especially given the contrast in performance to Lando Norris, who’s taken two podiums and sits third in the drivers’ standings, ahead even of Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas. 

Daniel Ricciardo eager to bounce back in top form in Azerbaijan Grand Prix 

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo

Ricciardo had a word for any of his fans who’d doubted him in the early part of the season, saying they were welcome to get back on the “Ricciardo Train” whenever they like. 

“The one person that will get under my skin is myself,” said Ricciardo as per Formula 1, when asked whether negative feedback from fans was affecting him. “That’s where I guess emotion comes out for me; I want to believe for myself, for my team and for everyone who supports me and believes in me. 

Ricciardo added, “But in saying that, I know that I don’t have any, let’s say, self-doubt; I know inside me what I’m capable of and I know if I was driving with an element of fear or hesitation then I would know that, okay, this sport is not for me anymore. But I know that’s very much not the case.

Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris 1 - FirstSportz
Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris

I know it’s just about putting it together now,” he added. “For sure, I’d love to have had it by now or a few races ago but that’s where maybe I lean on my experience in the sport and know that… it’s a marathon not a sprint. And I know in whatever race’s time that, once it clicks and goes right, people will once again be back on the Ricciardo Train. So if you jumped off, it’s okay, it’s still going to go forward.”

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