Daniel Ricciardo: Max Verstappen ‘Carrying Anger’ with Lewis Hamilton

Get to know about all the latest news from the world of Formula 1 surrounding Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo
Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton has been right on each other’s throat throughout the 2021 Formula 1 season. With the pair winning majority of the grand prix, there is no doubt that both Hamilton and Verstappen need abundance of applause for their performances. Especially when they have bounced back after terrible runs. Now, Daniel Ricciardo has revealed his opinion upon the spoken about duo. 

Daniel Ricciardo, who won his first grand prix for the first time since 2018 feels that the Dutchman is angry with the seen time world champion since the clash at Silverstone. Now that the Dutchman is five points ahead of Hamilton entering the Russian Grand Prix, things could change given the former’s penalty. 

Daniel Ricciardo on Max Verstappen Being Angry With Lewis Hamilton 

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Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen

There was some level of controversy after the incident as Verstappen appeared to walk away from the wreckage without checking on Hamilton – but Ricciardo insisted it was not what it seemed. 

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

“I know Max, we were teammates for a few years,” Daniel Ricciardo told the Pardon My Take podcast. 

“That’s him, he is a competitor he’ll leave it on the track and that’s it. I guess he still maybe was carrying a bit of anger or a little bit of frustration from Silverstone.”

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