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“Fernando Alonso made Ferrari pit wall feel like idiots” Massimo Rivola on the Alpine driver’s impressive ability

Massimo Rivola on Fernando Alonso's stint with Ferrari in 2010.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso the former 2-time Formula1 champion has been recently praised by former Ferrari sporting director Massimo Rivola.

It has been stated in Planetf1 that as per Massimo Rivola, Fernando was a genius back in his Ferrari days when it came to reading race situations and making decisions.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso joined Ferrari back in 2010 to win his third and team’s first title since Kimi Raikkonen’s in 2007. It just wasn’t meant to be for Fernando and Ferrari as even after winning 11 races during the 2010 season he was not able to secure the championship.

Fernando Alonso

Ferrari’s biggest strategy mistake at the Abu Dhabi season finale cost Fernando his third drivers title as Ferrari asked Fernando and his then-teammate Felipe Massa to cover Webber during the race, Ferrari got the decision wrong, and Fernando and Massa went tumbling down the order and it led to Sebastian Vettel securing his first driver’s title.

Ferrari could have had a tougher time if they hadn’t listened to Fernando Alonso during his time at Ferrari

Fernando Alonso

Massimo Rivola has recently revealed that the Ferrari team’s disappointment could have increased 10 folds if they hadn’t listened to Fernando during his time with the team.

While talking about is Rivola said, “Nobody read races like him.”

“Many times he made those of us on the pit wall feel like idiots because he could see beyond.”

We were in front of the computers, he was doing another job, but he understood things before the others.”

There are drivers who teach you a lot.”

Fernando Alonso

While Rivola has praised the Spaniard’s ability to read the race situations he has also applauded Fernando for his racecraft and believes he is one of the best at it.

Former RedBull driver Daniel Riccardo last season also praised Alonso for his exploits during the sprint session of the Silverstone Grand Prix which saw him climb from 11th to 5th in just one lap.

During that time Riccardo said, “I actually congratulate him for making [sprint qualifying] pretty exciting.”

His start was phenomenal, kept us on our toes. I think as well, it’s cool to see there’s always the question, like with any sport, is age a factor.”

Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton

I think his racecraft this year has probably been the best on the grid – at least at times. It’s cool to see that. If you’ve still got a passion and a real drive for it, you can keep doing it at a very high level.’

The Alpine F1 team would be looking for more of the same from Fernando during the 2022 season if they want to improve their performance as compared to the 2021 season.

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