“Formula 1 is in the entertainment business” Bernie Ecclestone wants V8 engines to return

Former CEO of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone calls hybrid engines as 'stupid'

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Bernie Ecclestone

Former CEO of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone reveals and emphasizes on his opinion about freezing engine regulations in the F1. This initial idea was sprung by Red Bull, but as time went by more and more teams like Mercedes and Ferrari seemed to come in support of this idea. While everyone is going down the path of freezing the engine for 2022 and beyond. Ecclestone has a weird opinion on this matter. 

To give a background check about Ecclestone, he has never been a fan of switching to hybrid engines. He sincerely believes that the entertainment of the sport needs to be given back to the fans by returning with the sound of V8 engines. 

Bernie Ecclestone criticizes the idea of switching to hybrid engines 

The former CEO of F1 said, “I’ll be in trouble for this, but let’s dig out all the old normally aspirated engines. Everybody’s got them, the costs go right down, the noise will be back, and we can use them for five years while we sort out an engine for the future.” 

The ‘old’ engines that Ecclestone is referring to are the V8 engines, used from the 2006 F1 season up until the 2013 season. 

He added, “People forget, Formula 1 is in the entertainment business and when you stop entertaining you haven’t got a business. 

“Let’s get rid of these bloody silly engines they have now. The people in the grandstands aren’t interested in how super-efficient they are, how much fuel they use, how powerful they are. Max [Mosley] said the noise doesn’t matter but I think it does, always have done.” Having said that Ecclestone’s idea seems a bit far-fetched, to say the least. 

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