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Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen ‘to be interviewed by FIA’ as Michael Masi faces sack

Sky sports reports that Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton and respective team bosses will be interviewed by FIA investigation commission on Abu Dhabi incident

Max Verstappen Michael Masi and Lewis Hamilton

The 2021 Formula 1 season saw one of the most dramatic and entertaining seasons in both F1 and FIA motorsport history where reigning champion Red Bull’s Max Verstappen went wheel to wheel against 7 times world champion Lewis Hamilton showcasing amazing display of wheel-to-wheel racing.

The season also was full controversies with the aggressive racing among the title duo causing multiple crashes and racing incidents which was followed by inconsistent decision making from FIA officials. The season finisher in Abu Dhabi which separated Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen duo in terms of championship points had the biggest controversy yet.

Team Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton were left speechless after a decision, allowing only the 5 cars between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen to unlap during the safety car in the final laps of the title decider allowing Verstappen to secure the title using his fresh tyre advantage, by race director Michael Masi. The furious Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton fans called for Michael Masi’s  chair for the deemed unfair decision. The FIA announced a probe into the incidents and decisions and Sky Sports reports new updates on the matter which is high priority for FIA in 2022.   

Find out about the potential interview among Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and the FIA

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton

Sky Sports’ Craig Slater reported that FIA has set themselves to deal with the aftermath of controversial Abu Dhabi unlapping decision. He said FIA investigation committee will presumably interview Lewis Hamilton, Champion Max Verstappen and Red Bull and Mercedes Team Bosses. He added that the commission will also interview the 5 drivers who were between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen and were told to unlap the safety car.

Three weeks is how long the FIA have set themselves to deal with this matter, Work only began in earnest on it on Monday, that is to say, this FIA commission started to interview those involved,” Sky Sports’ Craig Slater said

Presumably Hamilton, Verstappen, the team bosses involved, the other drivers who were involved in this ‘unlapping yourself behind the safety car’ saga, or not involved in it as they case may be,” Craig Slater said.

Craig Slater reiterated the Abu Dhabi incident saying only the 5 cars, between Lewis Hamilton who was the race leader and Max Verstappen who was at p2 behind 5 lapped cars, unlapped during the safety car where other unlapped cars didn’t and added that the FIA want this investigation to be thorough, objective and transparent and is expected to finish the investigation by February 3, 2022.

Remember, one of the controversies was that five cars, the ones between Hamilton and Verstappen, unlapped themselves behind the safety car, but others did not,” Craig Slater explained the Abu Dhabi situation.

So, this is going to go on. The FIA have told me that they will not be dragging this out, the investigation will be thorough, objective and transparent, this should be done by February 3, at which point the FIA have a motorsport council meeting, and they expect to announce those findings by then,” Craig Slater added.

Though Lewis Hamilton has kept law profile after the unexpected title grab by Max Verstappen and caused retirement rumours F1 world will hope he will comeback for 2022 season and repeat the 2021 title dual with Max Verstappen. In case of Race director Michael Masi, he expected to not to continue with FIA as reported by BBC.

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