3 Times Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen Collided in the 2021 Formula 1 Season

Here are three time Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen crashed into each other in the 2021 Formula 1 season.

Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen

The 2021 Formula 1 season has been an exciting one to say the least. It has seen one of the greatest rivalries between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The year has been full of tense moments, as both the drivers are fighting it out till the very last race. The tension on and off the track has been unmissable, and there have been times where several decisions involving the teams have had controversial decisions.

All drivers have had their fair share of crashes, but the most memorable ones have been between the two top runners. As the drivers go into their final race of the season tied, let us take a look at 3 times Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have collided on track.

2021 British Grand Prix: The Race Ended in Disaster for Verstappen

British Grand Prix
British Grand Prix

The race at Silverstone ended in disaster for both drivers, as they ended up crashing into each other violently in the first lap at the Copse. The rivals started out in the front row with Verstappen on pole position. As the lights went off Hamilton had a better start and went wheel to wheel with Verstappen, until they crashed at the ninth corner of the circuit.

Going into the corner Hamilton was slightly behind Verstappen, but started ganging on him as they pulled to the Copse. They both made contact as Hamilton front left wheel made contact with Verstappen’s right rear. It sent the Red Bull spinning into the barriers, but Hamilton was able to continue the race. While Hamilton was primarily blamed for the collision, it is still up to debate whose fault it actually was. Hamilton however went on to finish the race in first place.

2021 Monza Grand Prix: Race Ending Clash for Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

Monza Grand Prix
Monza Grand Prix

The 2021 Monza Grand Prix will be highly remembered for the dangerous crash that happened between Hamilton and Verstappen. Turn 2 of Lap 26 turned out to be disastrous for Hamilton, who was in the lead. The Brit emerged ahead of Verstappen from the pit lane, and went into turn one ahead of him.

After the first turn both drivers went wheel to wheel, and Verstappen tried to overtake his counterpart. Both the drivers wheels touched, and Verstappen was sent flying into the air. His car landed above Hamilton’s in a moment of death situation, but thankfully the halo saved Hamilton from any injuries. Verstappen was found to be primarily blamed, and the drivers met the end of the race.

2021 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix: The Season Defining Moment for Lewis Hamilton

Saudi Arabia GP, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen
Saudi Arabia GP

The 2021 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix was expected to be extremely intense, and as expected it lived up to the expectations of being the penultimate race of the season. A series of yellow and red flags and several safety cars meant that the race did not even take off properly before it ended. Yet there were moments of brilliance as fans saw several strategic moves pay off. Yet, one failed “strategic” move that Max Verstappen pulled almost ended Hamilton’s race.

During lap 27, Verstappen went on the defensive, as he was told to give up his first place to Hamilton. The former slowed down during the straight, and to everyone’s surprise the Brit ran into the back of his car. Hamilton’s front wing suffered damage, but he took his place at the front of the race and went to win it, even taking the fastest lap. The emotions were hard to control for fans and teams alike, as the incident put both drivers at equal points with each other making it a season defining moment.

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