Lewis Hamilton Responds to Helmut Marko’s ‘Suddenly Injured’ Comments

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Lewis Hamilton Wins ESPY Best Driver Awards
Lewis Hamilton

The Lewis Hamilton – Max Verstappen or rather the Mercedes- Red Bull banter has been on since the first race in the 2021 Formula 1 season. With both teams taking digs at one another, the seven-time world champion revealed that he doesn’t really care for what Red Bull’s advisor Helmut Marko says especially after the latter’s ‘suddenly injured’ comments. 

Marko referred to the same when he was talking about the clash between Verstappen and Hamilton at the Italian Grand Prix. To those who are unaware, Helmut Marko accused Hamilton of becoming “suddenly injured” and also criticised Mercedes for “putting on a show”. Hamilton, though, paid little attention to the comments in the break between races. 

Lewis Hamilton on Helmut Marko 

Red Bull's Helmut Marko and Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton
Red Bull’s Helmut Marko and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton

I mean, I don’t really listen to what these individuals talk about,” Lewis Hamilton told media as quoted by RacingNews365.com, at the Sochi Autodrom. 

It’s natural, when a car lands on your head, you’re gonna have some sort of discomfort. As I said, I definitely felt something after the race, and then I said I was gonna get it checked out. 

Lewis Hamilton and Helmut Marko
Lewis Hamilton and Helmut Marko

“I worked with Angela straight after the race, and during the flight, and had check-ups the next day. Then we just worked on it through the week with acupuncture and everything.” 

Having said that, Lewis Hamilton admitted he still feels fortunate to have escaped from the clash without serious injury. 

“In a millisecond, anything can happen, so I did feel grateful to come out of it not badly injured,” he said. “We move on.

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