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Lewis Hamilton Leaves Fans Guessing After Latest Instagram Stunt

After the disappointment of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton shocked fans even more by this stunt.

Lewis Hamilton

The recent Formula 1 season has been an intense one for everyone, especially the two drivers who had one of the greatest rivalries of all time. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton had the whole F1 community on their toes, with the title fight boiling down to the very last race of the season.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was one filled with anticipation, as the world title was in anybody’s hand. However, as strategy played out, it was Max Verstappen who took his maiden and historic title on the very last lap of the Grand Prix. The decision taken by the FIA regarding lapped cars in the penultimate lap did not go over well with Mercedes, who lodged two complaints.

Unfortunately both complaints were promptly rejected, and Lewis Hamilton took a hard hit as he did not successfully make history in the 2021 season. After the year got over, Hamilton went quite under the radar, and has not even posted anything on his Instagram.

Lewis Hamilton Unfollows Everyone on Instagram in Shocking Move

Lewis Hamilton

After being under the radar for some time, there were several rumours that Hamilton would not be coming back to Formula 1 once again for next season. The Brit however has neither confirmed nor denied any such rumours. Recently, however, his shocking move has left fans confused.

While Hamilton was extremely active on Instagram, he was known to follow a handful of people. Yet recently, he went ahead and unfollowed everyone on the social media platform but did not state a reason as to why. Hamilton currently has 26.3 million followers, but has not been active at all.

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