Lewis Hamilton vs Michael Schumacher: Who is the Greatest F1 Driver of All Time?

Get to know all about Lewis Hamilton vs Michael Schuamacher and who really is the greatest F1 driver of all time

Greatest F1 Driver
Greatest F1 Driver

Over the past few years, the Formula 1 fan base is completely divided amongst two drivers- Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher to determine who is the greatest F1 driver of all time. After the former Mercedes ace won his 7th World Championship to equalize the record set by Michael Schumacher, the statistics did not justice in specifying who holds the edge over the other and why. 

When Schumacher touched the 7 World Champions mark, who would’ve thought that is is achievable? Initially it seemed like Sebastian Vettel was on the verge to achieve the same. However, the rise of British Diver, Hamilton made sure he has won every World Championship after 3013, except 2016. More interestingly, it was Schumacher who gave his seat to Hamilton at Mercedes. 

Who is The Greatest F1 Driver? Lewis Hamilton vs Michael Schumacher 

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Although the rational behavioral differences of both these drivers have been completely different. Many speculate that Schumacher let his other team driver to back off on numerous occasions so he could fetch the podium. Moreover, there have also been rumours back in the day about Schumacher purposely crashing to not let other competitors get close to him on the Driver’s standings. Yet as stated earlier all of these are just rumours. 

The two drivers locked horns at race weekends for three seasons. Wherein the Greatest Ferrari driver made his return to the Formula 1. Having said that both these drivers have dominated the F1 but in very different periods.

ham schumacher - FirstSportz
Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher

One could look upon how many pole positions each driver achieved. However, in a bid to see who was the most dominant, looked at the margin by which they achieved pole. This might tell us if the car they are driving is most dominant or if it is their driving ability. 

Criteria Lewis Hamilton Michael Schumacher 
World Championships 
Grand Prix wins 91 95 
Podiums 165 155 
Pole positions 68 98 
1991 system points 1,335 (4.4 per race) 1,417 (5.3 per race) 
2021 system points 3,967 (13 per race) 4,172 (15.6 per race) 
Average pole margin 0.308s 0.277s 
Average championship position 3rd 2nd 
Average teammate championship position 5th 4th 
Average gap to teammate in championship -1.7 positions -2 positions 

The information is updated till May, 2021. While we may have provided some insight over both the drivers’ performance statically. Yet who is the greatest F1 driver of all time between Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher completely depends upon a fanatic.

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