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Mario Andretti calls this F1 driver a “Force to be reckoned with”

Former Formula One Champion Mario Andretti gave his opinion on the current pool of talent in F1 and picked his favourites to watch out for.

Lando and Carlos

Former Formula One World Champion Mario Andretti had a lot of was all praises for the talent in the upcoming Formula One season. He stated in an interview with RacingNews365.com, he stated the current pool of drivers as the best Formula one has had and stated his favourite drivers to look out for in the 2022 season!

Mario Andretti

In the interview, Mario Andretti said, “There’s lots of talent, incredible talent out there, no question. At this moment, Formula 1 is as rich of talent as ever.” The 1978 World Champion also gave a hint on which drivers he is keeping a close eye on after a noteworthy 2021 season.

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Mario Andretti’s top picks for 2022 season

Lando Norris

During His heyday, Mario Andretti was one of the best Racing drivers who has won accolades across various tournaments and forms of Motorsports. The Italian-born American former racing driver won the 1978 F1 Championship with Lotus. He is also the only driver to have won an FIA Championship on Track Circuits, Ovals, and Dirt tracks in one season and has repeated this feat on 4 occasions. He is also one of the two drivers to have won the Indianapolis 500, Daytona 500 and the Formula One World Championship.

Lando Norris

Giving his take on whom to keep a close eye on, Andretti has picked Maclaren’s, Lando Norris. “I think Lando [Norris] is at the point where he could be a force to be reckoned with,” he said in an interview. Norris will be racing for his 4th year with Mclaren. He finished the season 6th on the driver’s standings and showed great character throughout the season. Andretti believes ‘it’s time for Norris to step up and challenge for wins in the coming season.

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His next pick was Lando’s ex-teammate and current Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz. “I think Carlos Sainz has really shown some promise; he’s shown to really be coming into his own, in his own comfortable position there, with Ferrari. I think he has pushed Charles Leclerc a little bit and made him a bit nervous at times – you could see [it].” The Spaniard had a rocky season but has delivered consistently and finished 5th in the driver’s standings, ahead of Norris

Carlos Sainz

He also recognised the resurgence of Daniel Ricciardo who has bounced back on form since his move to Mclaren in 2021. “Daniel Ricciardo has [also] shown tremendous ability to be up at the top with a top team,” said Andretti recognising Ricciardo as a darkhorse in the pack. Ricciardo won the Italian Grand Prix winning his first race since the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix and giving Mclaren its first One-Two since 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

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