Mattia Binotto sees Red Bull setting an example for Ferrari

Mattia Binotto sets Red Bull’s example to restore Ferrari to World Champions Challengers

Red Bull and Ferrari in F1

Ever since the dawn of the hybrid era Mercedes have been at their ruthless best winning double title for seven consecutive seasons. Speaking of the same, Ferrari were their closest competition from 2017-19. But after the horrid 2020 season, they saw Red Bull ragging up to the runners-up spot. And look at the latter team now, putting in all efforts to dethrone Mercedes. 

Ferrari’s Team principal Mattia Binotto, who insists he has always felt the Ferrari hierarchy have had his back, has identified aspects of Red Bull’s modus operandi that show him how his own team could fight their way back to the top. 

Mattia Binotto sets Red Bull’s example to restore Ferrari to World Champions Challengers

“It’s time to continue building, a matter of managing the expectations,” Binotto told RaceFans

Mattia Binotto added, “There are no silver bullets in F1. If we look at ourselves at the start of the 1990s to 2000 with Michael [Schumacher] and Jean Todt, it took time to build the team.

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“It took time at Red Bull or Mercedes. Even more, if you look to Red Bull. It’s a long time that they are not winning [championships].” 

“But they are the passions without, let me say, no revolutions inside the team. They are passionate, working hard and working well, but to build it takes time, Ferrari Team Boss added.

Mattia Binotto - FirstSportz
Mattia Binotto

He added, “I know I have the full trust [of Ferrari] and I feel the responsibility and it’s my job to commit to the world. “I know I had that since the very start. I’m fully empowered and my responsibility. Last year, we invested a lot in our medium-to-long-term future and I think we made the right choices.”

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Mattia Binotto concluded, “It’s a matter of time and passion. There are no silver bullets, so it’s a matter of approaching mistakes as a lesson-learned approach, ensuring each time a mistake is made it’s not a matter of blaming someone. It’s a matter of understanding what were the reasons, why we came to that choice and that mistake and ensuring we put in place actions to avoid them in the future. 

Stability in the team is crucial as well. We’ve got the same persons doing strategies since many years, the pit crew is stable.” 

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