Max Verstappen lucky to win the French GP, Red Bull’s Two Pit Strategy Successful

Max Verstappen clinched the podium at the French GP, using a brilliant two stop strategy, edging out Hamilton in the very last lap.

Max Verstappen won the 2021 French GP
Max Verstappen

Another race, another chapter full of twists and turns to be explored in the 2021 Formula 1 season. Max Verstappen started on pole today, but soon fell behind Lewis Hamilton at the first corner. However Red Bull’s two stop gamble paid off as compared to their rival’s one stop strategy, helping him finish first at the French GP. After his win, Verstappen was quick to applaud the two pit strategy of Red Bull. Which eventually allowed them to inch past Mercedes’ ace, Lewis Hamilton in the latter stages.

With the use of his fresher tyres Verstappen raced to the lead by overtaking Hamilton with just over a lap to go. Verstappen said to GP Fans in the after interview, “We had to work hard for it, but of course it was very rewarding. It was difficult because there was quite a lot of backmarkers to go through but luckily they all did well and we could have a good fight to the end.”

I Enjoy it as Much as the TV Audience- Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen lucky to win the French GP, Red Bull's Two Pit Strategy Successful 2

Verstappen said he enjoyed it as much as the people watching, “Towards the end, yes! In the beginning, it was super difficult out there with the wind. One lap you had okay balance then the next you were just sliding everywhere.”

“It was difficult to keep the car stable. Once we made the first pitstop you could clearly see on the hard tyres they were pushing me hard from behind, but then when we made the call to do a two-stop, luckily at the end that paid off.”

Verstappen’s error at the beginning, where he slid off the track, made him admit that he just lost the rear, and despite trying to desperately correct it several times, he was unable to get back his pole position. The track, which is usually dominated by Mercedes, was won by Red Bull this time, and Verstappen said, ”The whole race we were fighting each other so I think it will be like this for the rest of the season.”

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