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Max Verstappen: Sergio Perez is Awesome; He is not a Number 2 Driver

Max Verstappen had only praises for his teammate Sergio Perez, who played an important role in helping the former win the 2021 World Championship.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez

The 2021 Formula 1 season has been a roller coaster for Red Bull driver Max Verstappen, as he walked away with his first world championship this season. One of the greatest rivalries of all time, the Verstappen vs. Hamilton title fight will be remembered for times to come. Yet one cannot forget the importance of both their teammates, who played a crucial role in helping them stay in contention for the title.

While Verstappen was clearly the number 1 driver for Red Bull, there have been moments of brilliance from the other driver of the team, Sergio Perez. While Verstappen scored 395.5 to win the championship, Checo scored just under 200 points to finish fourth on the points table. Perez’s incredible defence at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix allowed Verstappen to catch up to Hamilton which absolutely helped him in the long run during the race.

“Checo is a Legend”: Max Verstappen After Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen expressed his deep gratitude towards Sergio for being an incredible teammate to him for the 2021 season. Verstappen called Checo a legend on the team radio after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. “I never thought he would be this awesome,” said the Dutchman. He further said that he knew Sergio only as a driver before, but now after spending more time with him, Verstappen realised that Perez is a top guy.

“Checo is not number two, in the end we have the same chances. Of course you have to be respected, but you don’t want to be preferred. I don’t think I need that either. In the end it’s not good for the team if it’s always like this,” said Verstappen according to gpblog.

When asked about Checo being the number 2 driver for Red Bull, Verstappen said, “I don’t like to put it that way.” He continued “In the end, we have the same chances. You have to be respected, of course, but I don’t want to be favoured. I don’t think I need that either and in the end it’s not good for the team if it’s that way all of the time,” concluded Verstappen.

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