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McLaren Boss Zak Brown confirms ‘Audi talks’ ahead of 2022 season

McLaren's boss Zak Brown has confirmed that they have had talks with Audi regarding a possible future F1 association.


McLaren Formula1 team boss Zak Brown has recently confirmed that their team has had conversations with McLaren group regarding a future partnership in F1.

It has been stated in GPfans that in a recent media briefing Zak Brown has persisted that talks have taken place between the two parties and has said “McLaren’s technology strategy has always involved ongoing discussions and collaboration with relevant partners and suppliers, including other carmakers.”

While stressing on Audi Zak said, “They’ve [Volkswagen Group] spoken with a handful of people on the grid, and we had conversations, but in the short term and medium term we are very happy where we are.”

Zak Brown

So we are just going to wait and see are they going to come into the sport, because that’s not been definitively decided.”

If they do, we have a contract through this term and naturally, we’re going to evaluate where we are and take a decision on what we do in 2026 in due course.”

Zak Brown on volkswagen’s entry into F1

Audi potentially entering F1

McLaren Formula1 team received power units for the 2021 season from Mercedes and for the 2022 season also they are going to receive power units from them. Both parties are under contract till 2025 after which the new engine regulations are going to kick in.

Toto and Zak

Zak Brown has insisted that despite having talks with Audi, he feels that the most likely entry point for Volkswagen into Formula1 is going to be through RedBull.

The 2021 Formula1 season was Honda’s last season with RedBull as the official engine supplier, however, the Honda Group still holds ties with RedBull.

The RedBull team has acquired the IP for Honda’s technology and the team has created its own powertrains divisions in Milton Keynes and the use of this technology is going to take the RedBull team till 2025.


While talking about the whole RedBull and Volkswagen scenario Zak Brown has said “I am hearing they are going to do something with RedBull on the Porsche front.”

After looking at all this it is quite evident that Formula1 fans should not expect Audi to enter the Formula1 arena just yet, at the earliest it is only going to be in 2026 because till then, almost all the Formula1 teams are set with their plans and for Audi, it is only going to be in 2026 when the new engine regulations will kick in.

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