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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff on exact difference between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

Toto Wolff on the Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen rivalry.

Lewis and Max

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff has recently emphasized the characteristic that according to him separates Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Lewis lost out on his record eighth world title during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix of the 2021 Formula1 season.

It has been stated in automotorsport that Toto Wolff during a recent detailed conversation regarding the 2021 Formula1 season has stated the main difference between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff during his interview was asked to comment on Lewis and Max’s rivalry and the latter said “They are completely different types. Max is lightning fast, but doesn’t have the experience yet. Lewis drives at the peak of his ability. The two raced in their own class. In some cases, they had a lead of 40 to 45 seconds on the third-placed.”

As per Toto Wolff, Max and Lewis are in a league of their own and believe none of the other drivers on the grid have been able to match them.

Max and Lewis

While talking about the main difference between Lewis and Max Toto has indicated that Lewis is an experienced driver who is at the peak of his game whereas Max in his opinion has got the speed but lacks the experience that Lewis has.

Toto Wolff on Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen duels in 2021

Lewis and Max

Toto Wolff during his detailed interview was asked to give his opinion on the global boom that Formula1 has been experiencing since the 2021 Formula1 season and Toto indicated that some part of the credit should be given to the nerve-wracking battles that Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen had during the 2021 season.

While talking about them Toto said “This duel has certainly created interest again. Formula1 clearly benefitted from this.”

Formula1 fans

In his opinion, the Max and Lewis battles during the 2021 season have led to people turning on their screens at home and watching the exhilarating shows that the duo put on for the spectators during the 2021 season. He believes that the duo has played a huge role in making Formula1 popular, especially among the young generation.

Lewis and Max

If Lewis Hamilton decides to return for the 2022 Formula1 season then it is surely going to force a few more people to tune into the racing events during the 2022 season.

The hype for the 2022 Formula1 season is real and given that the new regulations are also kicking in during the upcoming season, it is going to be one hell of a ride for all the teams and fans of the sport. Formula1 has got a global fanbase and it is only going to increase as the 2022 season kicks off in Bahrain.

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