Mercedes Considering Engine Switch and Penalties Ahead of Italian Grand Prix 2021

Mercedes Considering Engine Switch and Penalties Ahead of Italian Grand Prix 2021


The Dutch Grand Prix saw Max Verstappen take a big win on his home circuit to reclaim the lead in the drivers standing in the second half of the season. Lewis Hamilton took second while teammate Valtteri Bottas rounded off the podium at Zandervoort. As the Italian Grand Prix stares down at the drivers, Mercedes are considering an engine switch.

However Hamilton’s second practice session was less than ideal, when he stopped mid way out on the circuit after just 3 laps, essentially missing out on the rest of the session altogether. Engine problems plagued the car, with complete power stoppage happening due to Mercedes using their first power unit.


With the oldest of the three engines being used, it was running at the highest mileage before it came to a stop on the track. “I just lost power, so they just told me to stop. It’s not the end of the world,” said Hamilton to Racingnews365.

Italian Grand Prix: Mercedes Consider Engine Switch and the Consequence of Facing Grid Penalties

Mercedes at Italian Grand Prix
Mercedes ahead of Italian Grand Prix

The Mercedes cars will be at an advantage over Red Bull at the Italian Grand Prix this weekend, as the circuit has been the team’s stronghold for several years. The long straights of the circuit lend itself quite well to the cars, as Max Verstappen will have to give it his all to stay in the game.

With 9 races still left for the season, Mercedes are now considering switching engines and taking a hit with the grid penalties at Monza. “Our engines are critical component that fail, have failed at times. Well, we need to take another one in Italy this week,” said team principal Toto Wolff in IAA MOBILITY in Munich.


A Mercedes spokesperson confirmed to GPFans Global that no decision has been taken just yet. He however mentioned that if the opportunity arises in Monza to take a fourth engine, it would be foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity. Although it has not been confirmed which driver will receive the upgrade, all signs point towards Hamilton.

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