Formula 1: Mercedes in the Lead at Silverstone; Red Bull No Longer Ahead

Get to know why does Marc Surer feel Mercedes are ahead of Red Bull entering the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Marc Surer on Mercedes and Red Bull
Marc Surer

After being held as the second-best team in the previous five grand prix, Mercedes has the maximum chance of making a difference at Silverstone against Red Bull, who are comfortably ahead of them in the Constructor’s standings. Marc Surer says it is vitally important for the Silver Arrows to be able to counter the strategies of their opponents and reduce the deficit in British Grand Prix. 

With Max Verstappen breaking all records in leading over the Mercedes duo in multiple grand prix, Silverstone will be the change required for Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas to finally make their momentum count heading into the race day. Moreover, Marc Surer surely feels Mercedes will have ample number of chances to get ahead of their Austrian rival. 

Marc Surer on Mercedes Edging Over Red Bull at Silverstone 

Red Bull and Mercedes
Red Bull and Mercedes

Austria is of course a special track, with long straights and tight corners. That makes it special and also does not correspond to the characteristics of other circuits,” Surer explains in conversation with He also thinks he knows why Red Bull was so fast at the Red Bull Ring. 

The Honda engine often goes well at higher altitudes. In Mexico they were in a class of their own and in Brazil they always did well. The Red Bull Ring itself is at 700 metres. The thin air seems to help the engine“. According to Surer, the proportions will therefore be different this weekend. “If we drive at normal altitude, that advantage in performance will probably be lost”. 

Silverstone Formula 1 Sprint Race
Silverstone Formula 1 Sprint Race

Another thing that is likely to help Mercedes is the corners at Silverstone.“In those longer corners, the cars with a longer wheelbase have an advantage. You simply have a quieter car in the long corners. Silverstone will therefore be another chance for Mercedes to win,” Surer concluded.

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