Formula 1 Recap: Lewis Hamilton Narrowly Avoided a ‘Disaster’ After Lewis Hamilton ‘Push Back’ Says Ross Brawn

Will Lewis Hamilton take back his lead against Max Verstappen in the driver's standings after the US Grand Prix?

Ross Brawn and Lewis Hamilton
Ross Brawn and Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are surely the favorites to win the championship now that the Formula 1 2021 season reaches its business end. With only 6 races to go, the seven-time world champion will not want to witness any disaster on the tracks if he wants to fetch back his lead in the driver’s standings. With the race action all set to happen this week, let us take a look upon F1 managing director, Ross Brawn spoke about on Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton after Turkish Grand Prix. 

To bring everyone back onto the same page, the ace Brit driver recovered from a 10-place grid penalty for an engine change and was lapping third when his team initially called him into the pit lane to fit fresh intermediate tyres as he hadn’t taken one since the start. As a result of which, Lewis Hamilton eventually stopped on lap 50 of 58, dropping from third to fifth. In addition, due to tyre graining was unable to progress. 

What was Opinionated by Ross Brawn? 

Ross Brawn
Ross Brawn

“The driver is in a bubble,” explained Ross Brawn in his column as quoted by GPFans. “They need to give you information, but what they can’t see is all the data being fed to the pit wall. 

“In Lewis Hamilton’s case if he didn’t box and the tyres had gone away or there had been a light rain shower, he would have tumbled down the order and that would have been a disaster.” 

One race earlier in Russia, Hamilton and Mercedes had combined to perfectly time the switch from slicks to intermediates in the closing stages and evidently saw the driver secure numero uno position. 

Lewis Hamilton and Ross Brawn

“Once again teams were faced with a very difficult strategic decision,” Ross Brawn added. “In these scenarios, you’re trusting your judgment, experience and feel. As we saw with Lewis, there was a fair bit of initial resistance from within the car about pitting. When these situations are not clear-cut and you get a push back from the driver, it’s easy for a team to back off what they feel was the right decision.”

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