Formula 1: Red Bull Faces Trouble Due To New Pit Stop Rule

We look at why Red Bull's pitstops are having a delay since the last two races and what had led to the Austrian team facing such fate in recent grand prixs.

Red Bull Pit Stop
Red Bull

A new pit stop rule issued by the FIA have been causing some severe problems to Red Bull in the past few faces. The Austrian team is known for their fast pit stops for years and have one of the most efficient team when it comes to the pit crew, in fact they have the record the for the fastest pit stop this season when Max pitted in Hungary and was done in just 1.88 seconds. But things have not quite been the same for RB since the past two races.

The FIA have introduced a new rule which states that the teams have to wait 0.15 seconds longer before they can drive away again. This rule has certainly caused chaos in the Red Bull team as Max’s pit stop at Monza was for more than 11 seconds while Perez was a victim of this two weeks later as he was allowed into the pits 8 seconds later.

What delayed Max Verstappen’s pit stop in Monza?

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

The ace Dutchman‘s pit stop was delayed due to a fault in the software which indicates that Max Verstappen is allowed to leave the pit and drive away. Like everytime, his wheels where changed within two seconds but a fault in the wheel gun’s software did not give him the green light, which costed Max a lot.

What happened during Perez’s pitstop in Sochi?

Mark Hughes on Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez

Two weeks later, Max’s teammate, Sergio Perez had a massive delay in his pit stop as well as he had to wait 8-9 seconds because his rear right wheel had a problem, which caused the team to put extra effort and time which eventually costed Perez a lot of time.

That being said and done, one should never doubt RB’s pit crew and their ability, and they will be working hard to resolve this problem which has been costing them a lot in the past few races. It will be interesting to see how their pit stops will be as we head into the Turkish Grand Prix next weekend.

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