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RedBull announces new association with PokerStars ahead of 2022 season

RedBull has recently joined hands with the online gambling platform called PokerStars.


RedBull Formula1 team has recently joined forces with an online gambling platform called PokerStars as sponsors for the 2022 season of Formula1.

It has been stated in GPblog that RedBull has come into a partnership with the Dublin, Ireland-based online gambling company called PokerStars. They are going to have a place on Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen’s 2022 Formula1 car. Their logo will be seen on the car for the first time during the RB18’s official launch, however, the date is still unknown.

poker Stars

The main aim behind this partnership from RedBull’s perspective is to target a wider audience. The official press release regarding the partnership read “The multi-year partnership is aimed at F1’s growing audience, as increasing technological advancements help to service and provide fans with new and unique ways to enjoy the sport,” reads the Red Bull Racing press release.”


The RedBull Team Principal Christian Horner is ecstatic with the new partnership and has said “In our sport, we see constant evolution, not only applied to the cars but also to new technologies that are focused on reaching the sport’s global fanbase to provide new and interactive experiences for them to enjoy.

Christian Horner

The main aim behind the partnership is to provide fans with fresh interactive ways of enjoying Formula1.

A bit about RedBull’s new sponsors PokerStars


PokerStars is an online gambling platform that has its headquarters in Dubin, Ireland. The platform was part of the stars group till May 5, 2020, and after that, it was acquired by Flutter Entertainment. The platform is accessible through windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

It is the largest real-money online poker site in the world and has control over two-thirds of the total poker market. After looking at all this it really does make sense as to why RedBull wanted to develop a partnership with the site.

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The online platform attracts millions of people from all over the globe and for RedBull, the partnership could prove to be a masterstroke on their part as it would help the team in reaching a wider audience base, moreover, the hype for the 2022 Formula1 season is very real and their new association with PokerStars can help the team in gaining more fans during the 2022 Formula1 season.

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