Ross Brawn: Lewis Hamilton Has Been Through Tough Times on the Race Track Before

Get to know what was opinionated by Ross Brawn on Lewis Hamilton after Austria Grand Prix slip.

Ross Brawn
Ross Brawn
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Even though Lewis Hamilton has been majorly struggling in the previous five grand prix, Formula 1 managing director, Ross Brawn feels the seven-time world champion has been through tough times before and has bounced back to shut his critics. Although Max Verstappen has reigned as the supreme drivers so far, but things could change majorly change if everything goes well at Silverstone. 

With Hamilton and Mercedes confirming a two year contract extension over the Austrian weekend, Brawn said as per RN365, “It’s great news that Lewis’ contract has been renewed. He’s a Formula 1 superstar and is a key ingredient in this fantastic battle we are having for the World Championship this season. It’s a huge positive that he will be with us for a few more years.” 

What Was Stated by Ross Brawn on Lewis Hamilton 

Toto Wolff on Lewis Hamilton 1 - FirstSportz
Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton

“Right now, things aren’t going well for Lewis but he’s been through this before, albeit it maybe not for some time. He is used to tough battles,” Brawn wrote in his post-race column for

“The title is still reachable for Hamilton and Mercedes. These races have been pretty much dominated by Red Bull, but I will be amazed if that continues at every track. I think the British Grand Prix at Silverstone is going to be fascinating, especially with the new Sprint format on the Saturday.” 

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen 1 - FirstSportz
Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

Brawn pointed to the budget cap as playing a huge role in this year’s championship, due to the fact that Mercedes simply can’t spend their way out of trouble. 

Ross Brawn concluded, “This year is unusual in that the teams can’t respond in a normal way for several reasons. One is that we have the cost cap now, so they can’t just throw resource at the problem. Secondly, we have the new car coming in next year, which they will be pretty committed to, so it’s a bit of a dilemma for the team as they probably can’t afford to deliver a very strong response in the way they normally would do.” 

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