Christian Horner, Sebastian Vettel, George Russell Among Other Formula 1 Stars to Stagger at No Time to Die Premier

Know about all the stars from the world of Formula 1 who amazed at the No Time to Die Premier in London.

Christian Horner with Geri Halliwell at No Time to Die Premier
Christian Horner with Geri Halliwell at No Time to Die Premier

Daniel Craig is back with another James Bond thriller after the covid-19 seems to be at an ease. The franchise has released the latest version No Time to Die, which is the 25th movie in the James Bond series. With the premier on call, it seemed like a perfect occasion for the Fomrula 1 stars to set the red carpet on fire as Sebastian Vettel, George Russell, Lance Stroll, Christian Horner among other glazed. 

Among the same spoken off Formula 1 stars, fans could witness many sports personnel from the race tracks on the red carpet with their wives and girlfriends alongside them. All of them were clicked by the papz and media present. 

Formula 1 Stars Set No Time to Die Premier on Fire 

The newest James Bond No Time to Die movie is starred by Daniel Craig, Rami Malek, Lea Seydoux, Lashana Lynch, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Christoph Waltz, Ralph Fiennes. The development of this movie began in 2016. However this is will be the first edition of the James Bond series which will be distributed by the Universal Studios. 

With so many Formula 1 stars on display one might think where the premier of this particular movie was held? No Time to Die had its premier at the Royal Albert Hall in London on September 28, 2021. This movie shall hti the theatres on September 30 in UK. Whereas October  is the stipulated date for this movie to release in the United States. 

To those who are not unaware, this will be the last time Daniel Craig shall be staring in the James Bond movie series. As per the reviews of the critics, this has been a fitting end to such an amazing journey.

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