Sir Jackie Stewart: “Max Verstappen Would’ve Been Killed in My Day”

Get to know all about the latest news in the world of Formula 1 surrounding Sir Jackie Stewart and Red Bull ace, Max Verstappen.

Sir Jackie stewart
Sir Jackie stewart

Sir Jackie Stewart has raised concerns with ‘liberties that are being taken’ by drivers, after Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s controversial crash at the British Grand Prix. Hamilton and Verstappen had a huge collision on the opening lap at Silverstone, as the two tangled at around 180mph, violently spearing the Dutchman across the gravel trap and into the tyre barrier. 

However, the Red Bull ace driver, Max Verstappen, although appearing unscathed as he clambered out of the car, was eventually sent to hospital for further observation, before being discharged with no major injuries. 

What Was Opinionated by Sir Jackie Stewart on Max Verstappen? 

Max Verstappen Crash at British GP
Max Verstappen Crash at British GP

“Lewis’ incident with Verstappen was very disturbing for me,” Sir Jackie Stewart told talkSPORT“Frankly, if that had been in my day and well after my day, Verstappen would’ve been killed. 

“The race track has been made so safe, the run-off areas so big, and the structures that he [Verstappen] finally came to a stop on, and even then the g-forces were enormous. I think that was a great example of what Silverstone have done to make the track safer.

Max Verstappen on Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

“However, people are taking more liberties today than they were before because the penalties are not so large, now it’s so safe that I think people are taking too many chances. The early laps at Silverstone was a good example of that because I think both drivers were overdriving, particularly when you think about it being only the beginning of the race.” 

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